Ringette Calgary and Esso proudly present the 39th annual

Esso Golden Ring
January 17-19, 2025
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The Esso Golden Ring will be held January 17-19, 2025.

Updates will be posted here as more information becomes available.

2024 Esso Golden Ring Champions

Gold Medalists Silver Medalists
U12A CSO-U12A-1 SCal Rush (3) AIR-U12A-1 Airdrie Sting (2)
U12B STA-U12B-2 St Albert Vipers (6) CBV-U12B-2 Cal BV Speed Demons (1)
U12C CNW-U12C-2 Cal NW Killer Whales (7) STA-U12C-1 St Albert Thunder (5)
U14AA CGY-U14AA-1 Calgary Blue (5) CAS-U14AA-1 Central AB Sting (4)
U14A CBV-U14A-1 Cal BV Elite (4) CNW-U14A-2 Cal NW Fusion (1)
U14B Buffalo Pl Force (7) EDM-U14B-1 Attack (4)
U14C PEM-U14C-1 Pembina Pursuit (4) CBV-U14C-2 Cal BV Bandidas (2)
U16AA CGY-U16AA-1 Calgary Strike (3) NB U16AA (2)
U16A CNW-U16A-2 Cal NW Pyro (7) CBV-U16A-1 Cal BV Rapid (6)
U16B CNW-U16B-1 Cal NW Nitro (8) Buffalo Pl Renegades (1)
U16C EDM-U16B-1 Edmonton Grit (9) PEM-U16C-1 Pembina Pursuit (3)
U19AA CGY-U19AA-2 Calgary Combat (8) Rive Sud (1)
U19A CSO-U19A-2 SCal Cubs (4) CSO-U19A-1 SCal Jaguars (3)
U19B CNW-U19B-3 Cal NW Rush (5) CNW-U19B-1 Cal NW Storm (4)


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Celebrating 60 Years of Ringette 

Three Generation Ringette Families


First up: the Warner/Coyes family. All 3 generations played ringette in their lives and this sport continues to bring the family together. Ringette has taken them across the world to Finland, as well as across the country to Montreal. Currently Sandi watches the girls...

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Next up: the Laerz family. All 3 generations played ringette in their lives, as well as trained to be referees and coaches as well. There isn’t one thing about ringette that the Laerz family didn’t become involved in. Thank you for your continued development of the...

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Next up: the Morris/Nelson family. All 3 generations played ringette in their lives, continue to referee (and mentor other referees), as well as contributes to the development of the Foothills Ringette Association. Thank you for your commitment to the sport of...

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Next up: the McNeil family. All 3 generations were involved in ringette, continue to play, coach and referee. Thank you for your commitment to the sport of ringette! Deb was actively involved in her daughter’s ringette teams from 1996-2010, but now is a proud...

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Previous Champions

2023 Champions

Gold Medalists Silver Medalists
U12A Buffalo Plains Rush (6) SCal Phantoms (3)
U12B Cal NW COBRAS (3) Cal BV Renegades (2)
U12C Cal NW Cobras (5) SCal Blackout (3)
U14AA Zone 2 Blaze (5) Calgary Red (4)
U14A Cal NW Boom (4) Kelowna SZone Elite (2)
U14B Cal NW Knights (6) Cal BV Invasion (3)
U14C Edmonton Voltage (7) Cal BV Xplosion (3)
U16AA Sherwood Pk Power (6) Calgary CORE (1)
U16A Edmonton Xtreme (3) SCal Raze (2)
U16B SCal Adrenaline (4) Cal NW RAGE (3)
U19AA Calgary Fusion (4) Zone 2 Blaze (3)
U19A Cal NW Rowdy (4-OT) Cal BV Grit (3)
U19B MedHat Chicken Hawks (9) SCal Berzerk (5)

2020 Champions

Gold Medalists Silver Medalists
U10S3 Cal BV Reign (7) CalBV Ring Robbers (1)
U12A Cal BV Edge (7) Cal BV Crossfire (0)
U12B Regina Predators (8) Cal BV Toxic Rush (4)
U12C Cal BV Nightmare (2) Cal BV Ice Dragons (1)
U14AA Zone 2 Blaze (3) Buffalo Plains Rush (2)
U14A Cal NW Rampage (6) Regina Aces (5)
U14B Cal NW Mayhem (6) Buff Plns Chaos (5)
U14C Cal BV Eclipse (1) SCal Thunderstruck (0)
U16AA St Albert Mission (5) Calgary Peak (1)
U16A Cal NW Forte (7) Vernon Venom (2)
U16B Buff Plns Blitz (6) Cal NW Nitro (2)
U19AA Calgary Blade (8) Spruce Grove Riot (7)
U19A Cal BV Blue (5) Cal BV Elite (3)
U19B Buff Plns Phantoms (7) Cal BV Impulse (0)

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