Next up: the Morris/Nelson family. All 3 generations played ringette in their lives, continue to referee (and mentor other referees), as well as contributes to the development of the Foothills Ringette Association.

Thank you for your commitment to the sport of ringette!

Mike retired from officiating last year, but is still providing feedback to the officials today. Jaimie’s mom played ringette until Jaimie’s schedule got too busy, now she loves to cheer on her daughter and granddaughter from the stands. Jaimie continues to officiate in all high levels of the sport, from the World Clubs in Finland in 2011, to the Canada Winter Games in PEI in 2023. Jaimie was also pivotal in the creation of the Foothills Ringette Association in 2015. Although she had to step down as President of the Association this year, she is still actively involved in coaching and officiating with the Association.

Morris/Nelson Family, we appreciate your commitment and passion towards the sport of ringette. It is families like yours that develops this sport throughout the years, on and off the ice!

Jaimie: “Ringette is just one big family. I cannot emphasize enough how much I feel this about ringette. The feeling in the rink when you walk in, as well as the fans watching the game. It is just a positive, great atmosphere that is unique to this sport.” “As well, I have to say that the night before the Esso Golden Ring is like the night before Christmas morning for me. I love this weekend so much and look forward to it every year.”

Well said, Jaimie, the first day of EGRT feels like Christmas morning for us too – see you at the rink!