If you still have questions not answered on this page please view our Communications Guidelines for the appropriate process.

Since the EGRT is a Ringette Calgary hosted tournament, all Calgary teams who apply by the posted deadline, will be accepted. An impartial, three person Team Selection Committee will be formed from the EGRT Hosting Committee, who, after reviewing the total number of accepted Calgary teams, and the total amount of available ice, will determine pool sizes. Of the remaining, open spots in each pool, half will be given to out of province teams and half will be given to out of town teams. This is determined by random draw.

Since the EGRT is a Ringette Calgary hosted tournament, and the hosting committee and volunteers are comprised of representation from all of our local associations, we consider every one of our teams to be “hosts”, therefore a Golden Ticket is not possible and will not be accepted. As noted above, team acceptance is done by random draw.

Where are the arenas located where our games will be played?

Due to the large size of the EGRT, it is not possible to centralize our tournament games, therefore you may be required to drive to several different arenas across the City of Calgary.  A detailed map is available on the "Map" page and in the online program.

Yes!  We have several host hotels listed on our website.  These hotels are not only sponsors of the EGRT, but they also understand what it takes to host a traveling team and have offered some great rates and amenities for you.

Teams must be available to play their first tournament game at the following times (guideline only – subject to change):

AS, U10, U12   …………………. 7:00 AM Friday
U14, U16………………………….. 7:00 AM Friday
U19 AA…………………………….. 2:00 PM Friday
U19 (A&B)………………………… 2:00 PM Friday

As you can imagine, with more than 350 games to schedule, it is a big job.  Our Ice Scheduler works very hard to complete the game schedule as quickly as possible, and we will let you know when it is available.

All teams are required to supply 2 minor officials (timekeeper/scorekeeper/penalty box workers) for ALL OF THEIR GAMES except the gold medal final. Teams can discuss who will do which task.
Time/Score keepers will be scheduled for all gold medal finals however teams will still need to supply penalty box attendants.

A fine of $100.00 CASH may be levied against teams who fail to provide minor officials.

Our Director of Volunteers will be in touch with your team through our quadrant representatives.  It takes hundreds of volunteers to successfully run the EGRT, therefore, scheduling them takes some time; we appreciate your patience while we work as diligently as we can.

You can find the Control Centre upstairs, off the lounge, at the Don Hartman NE Sportsplex (NESS) – just follow the signs! To see where NESS is located visit our ‘MAP’ page.

We don’t post scores in any of our arenas, but we are very quick to post updates on our website.

Yes!  The Ringette Store has an amazing selection of t-shirts, hoodies, pants, toques, pajamas and more!  They also have sticks, rings, skate guards and other great gift ideas for your favorite Ringette player.  Check them out at the North East Sportsplex (address and map in the online program).

Limited quantities of posters are available at every arena check in table for free – just ask.  Pins are also available for a nominal cost of $2.

Please see our online program for a list of skate sharpeners

Unfortunately, due to location variability and cost, we are not able to live stream any of our games.  We do update scores very quickly on our website however, so make sure to check back regularly.