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  1. All teams will be guaranteed a minimum of three (3) games. “AA” divisions of six (6) teams or less will play a full round robin (i.e. five (5) games for each team in a 6 team division).
  2. Games in AS and U10S1 will follow Ringette Calgary League structure according to the new Children’s Ringette Directive from Ringette Canada. U10S2, U10S3, U12 & U14 will have 18 minute halves (stop time), and U16 and U19 will have 20 minute (stop time) halves. Shot clocks will be used for tournament games in all divisions except AS and U10 (all steps).
  3. Due to insurance regulations, all teams and players must be registered with their provincial association.
  4. Transportation and hotel accommodation are a team responsibility (see the website for host hotel information). We ask all teams to please patronize our host hotels as they sponsor the tournament.
  5. Teams must be available to play their first tournament game at the following times (guideline only-subject to change):
    AS, U10, U12 ………….. 7:00 AM Friday, Jan. 17
    U14, U16………………… 7:00 AM Friday, Jan. 17
    U19 AA…………………… 2:00 PM Friday, Jan. 17
    U19 (A&B)………………. 2:00 PM Friday, Jan. 17
  6. If a referee wishes to travel with your team, please include his/her name, address, phone number, email address and team affiliations with your application.

AS (Active Start) and U10:

    • The format will be designed as a “Friendship Series” with no semi or final games for AS, U10S1 and U10S2.
    • U10S3 teams will participate in round robin and medal finals
    • No Keely Blockers for U10 (all levels).
    • When possible, small nets will be used for AS and U10 games, but due to limited locations may not always be available.


  1. Every effort will be made to provide teams with the best possible draw configurations. Absolutely no changes will be made to the game schedule once it is complete.
  2. The Game schedule will be posted on our website as soon it is complete, no later than the first week of January PLEASE be patient and allow our volunteers to enjoy the holiday season. DO NOT expect a schedule to be complete before January 1st.
    Prior to playing their first game, all coaches (or a team representative) are required to REGISTER their team by picking up their coaches package with a hard copy of your Provincial Roster. This must be done Thursday evening (January 16) or prior to playing your first game Friday (January 17) – location and times will be provided by email to all participating teams.

Note: all Calgary teams must pick up their packages Thursday night.

Teams who have not registered prior to playing any games will be fined $100.00 (CASH) and may receive forfeits for any games played.

    All teams are required to supply 2 minor officials (timekeeper/scorekeeper/penalty box workers) for EACH OF THEIR ROUND ROBIN GAMES (& quarter final games where applicable).
    A fine of $100.00 CASH may be levied against teams who fail to provide minor officials. The tournament committee will schedule minor officials for all of the semi-final and final games, however teams will still need to supply penalty box attendants.
    Shot Clocks will be available at the arenas. For divisions using shot clocks (all divisions except AS and U10), in each round robin and quarter final game (where applicable), the HOME team must provide a trained Shot Clock operator. Shot Clock operators will be scheduled for all semi and final games.