First up: the Warner/Coyes family. All 3 generations played ringette in their lives and this sport continues to bring the family together. Ringette has taken them across the world to Finland, as well as across the country to Montreal. Currently Sandi watches the girls play in the stands, Nicole plays in Open B and coaches with Bowview Calgary, Alex and Ashlee play together at St. Mary’s University in Halifax and Alisha plays for Bowview Calgary U19A and junior coaches for Bowview (regular season and spring/summer), as well as with the developing Foothills Division.

Warner/Coyes Family, we appreciate your commitment and passion towards the sport of ringette. It is families like yours that develops this sport throughout the years, on and off the ice!

Nicole: “I love ringette, as it is a predominantly female sport that empowers their athletes to work together as a team to accomplish a common goal. This sport encourages female involvement at all levels: as players, referees and coaches. In all aspects of the sport, even just as a mom watching the games in the stands, there is a level of respect for the sport and overall team dynamic that you don’t see in other sports. The season we play together we are all a family, and often these relationships expand and develop over the years. From childhood, as well as adulthood, some of my best friends are from ringette, as we have a common bond from the sport and maintain it throughout the years.”

Well said, Nicole! We wish your team all the best during EGRT 2024 this year – see you at the rink!