Next up: the McNeil family. All 3 generations were involved in ringette, continue to play, coach and referee. Thank you for your commitment to the sport of ringette! Deb was actively involved in her daughter’s ringette teams from 1996-2010, but now is a proud grandparent cheering on her daughter and granddaughters from the stands. Bob coached his girls for years, but is now an avid fan and minor official.

All three McNeil girls had extensive ringette careers, playing for AA, the Calgary RATH and Dino’s throughout the years, as well as at Worlds for Team USA. Sandy is currently coaching and plays in Open B. Robyn is coaching and playing in Open B (versus her sister!) and Katie is coaching and playing in Open A.

McNeil Family, we appreciate your commitment and passion towards the sport of ringette. It is families like yours that develops this sport throughout the years, on and off the ice!

Sandy: “Most of my closest friends are from ringette. I co-coach my daughter Skyler with my best friend from my ringette days. It’s a full circle moment for me and quite special, that our daughters could play together and we could coach them.”

Robyn: “Growing up playing, we stay tight with those players we played with throughout the years. Now that we have kids the same age, and we see them at the arena with their kids playing, it is like no time has passed and we have that common connection. Ringette is a community that lasts forever.”

Katie: “I grew up in the rinks and ringette is a special family. I was the baby in the stands while my sister’s played, that everyone knew. I would always see my sister’s friends in the rink when I was little. As I grew up, I started to play against them….they saw me as a goalie and I wasn’t the little McNeil sister anymore!”

Well said, McNeil girls – good luck this weekend, see you at the rink!